Shuttle Run "Contact" | Music Video | Electronic Music

A group of four space travelers left earth in their ship SR-1 with one mission, to track down a transmission signal that is thought to have originated from alien technology. The crew on SR-1 go into cryosleep for years at a time to travel and pinpoint the origins of the mysterious alien signal. Their journey is very monotonous and spans centuries. Visiting vast pockets of space and leaving the earth behind the crew of SR-1 has dedicated their life to this mission. They are so far into space that they have lost communication with earth and other space colonies. Only thought of finding the origin of a signal in which they can use to communicate with alien life forms drives them further and further into space as they hone into the signal’s origins...


The time we spent in isolation

is gone forever more.

We lift our heads in anticipation

and set sail for your shores.

In the years since we first made contact

ahh ahhh ahhh.

We set our hearts out ahead of our hands in

fields of love.

Do you hear us and will you

listen to

astronomic love songs?

Right behind the eye of Orion

we found your pretty world above

and sent a song of enchantment to

rain down through your clouds.

Do you hear us?

We are waiting for






Music & Video by Shuttle Run

Engineered by Jay Tallungan

Mastered by Taylor Deupree


Captain of SR-1 - Sandra Yau

SR-1 Navigation - Collin Diederich

SR-1 Head Scientist - Steven Stoll

SR-1 Chief Engineer - Kahuna Smalls


Camera - Nicole Carlson

Camera - Chris Rose

Camera, Lighting, Video Synth, Editor - Collin Diederich

Set Design, Models, Props - Steven Stoll

Costume, Make-up, Props - Sandra Yau

Models, Set - Kahuna Smalls

Grip - Stephanie Yau

Additional Video Processing - Christopher Trice


I make audio visual art and electronic music.