Naomi Smalls “Pose”

Visual Effects


I created visual effect for the Naomi Smalls music video for “Pose”


Director and Editor: Todd Diederich @BeOddDieRich

Music Production: Cameron Traxxx @Cameron_trax

Featuring- Kim Chi @Kimchi_chic

Hair: Wigs and Grace @Wigsandgrace

Airbrush: Tenderoni @Tenderoni88

Square hair: Wig Takeout @1800wigtakeout

Jewelry Provided by: ISLYNYC @islynyc

Talent Coordinator: Natasha Farias

Male Model(s): Gerald Slattery & Alec Ost

Assistant Editor and Effects: Collin Diederich @Robotboot

Production Company: Weird Life Films

Producers: Sara Reyna, Laura Gordon

Cinematography & Lighting: Jackson James & Drew Angle

Additional Camera Work: Andy Resek

Camera Intern: Ryan Ohm

Production Designer: Laura Gordon

Art Department: Olivia Laird

Color and Titles: Ryan Ohm

Special Thanks: Sean O’Connor



Visual Effects | Music Video


This is a music video I created by for Rory Khan Mohon for his song Monochromatic. The visuals for this video where created by using a single photo that April Staso took of Rory. I took the photo and made some new compositions out of it and fed it to my video feedback system. I was happy to listen to this song over and over while each time it sounded a bit better. I think this came out delightfully weird.



Music Video | Visual Effects


PAQ(based out of Rimini, Italy) asked me to make a music video featuring found footage based on the idea of taking a trip to his song Airmalta. We chatted and came up with the idea based on found footage from the 70’s of commercial airline promotional footage and footage generated to look like a sunset over the ocean. The music is very chill and meditative wile keeping a good head nodding vibe to keep you entertained.