The Hue of Q

Generative Electronic Music Generative Video Art

30 minute meditation slash brain cleansing


From idea to reality postcards from slow places was a project conceived on llllllll, pronounced lines, a forum of like minded creators. An open call to the community asked for ambient long form compositions to build a purposefully long album. No one would be turned away and it was up to you to interpreted and create what you thought was an ambient long form composition. postcards from slow places is 34 hours long and is comprised of 55 songs each from a different artist.

Some notes from my video/song The Hue of Q.

I started in Ableton at work on my lunch break and used a lot of max for live devices to create to program cords and arps in a in a particular scale and heavily lfo ed lfo's into lfo's into perimeters with the operator being the source of the sound. I did this over and over across a week and took the content and cut it up and arranged it. I then took the project home and moved what I created into Ableton and ran it through some delays and filters and laid it down on a 4 track. I then did one full improve track over it with a korg polly 800 ran through my modular to add some extra movement to the polly 800's pads. I captured this all back into Ableton to mix because and do some light mastering. I focused mostly on tonality and shape of sound. After completing the song I created a sort of generative visual video for the whole song. The amplitude/frequency of the song is leading particle generators around the frame and feedback is creating a vortex, and there is also added randomness with hue and other setting. I am launching that tonight for all the lovers out there.

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Electronic Music Generative Video Art Album


This is Continuous, my sixth full length album. The A-side is a loose exploration of ambient minimalist sounds and themes. All composed on my Sequential Prophet-6 and Korg Poly-800, with a Moog mf-104 and recorded on a Portastudio 424 mkii. The B-side is a series of 3 new songs made out of my “Music for Aquariums” experiment. They were created by taking extended modular ambient songs and reforming them into upbeat-on-the-grid songs. The B-side has a polar opposite feel to the A-side. The 4th track is an off-the-cuff jam session that I just happened to be recording.

Continuous has a physical release with a limited edition lenticular print cassette released by Aerozine50 =

This is the Visual Album for Continuous. It relies heavily on a generative video process with Tachyons + gear, LZX Industries video synth, video mixer’s, and filming a old Sony CRT monitor. It is a psychedelic audio visual experience full of color, alien landscapes, microorganisms, lakes, clouds, creatures, etc.


1) Biofluorescence 0:04

2) Continuous 6:02

3) Continuation 15:46

4) Transition 28:06


1) Bio 30:32

2) Cuttle 36:06

3) Night 43:28

4) Mar14 47:36


Olympic National Park

Forest Floor

Ambient Electronic Music


I went on a magical trip to the Olympic National Park in 2018 from September 21st to October 1st. I took my camera and zoom recorder and managed to grab this video and audio. I then scored a song to a bit of a sped up version of the video. I was taken back by the tall trees and the forest floor with the sun rays coming through. Just an hour before we wear at the destination of out hike Mink Lake and saw a black bear and decided to leave early. Turns out we lucked out and got to enjoy this beautiful view.



Generative Video Art | Ambient Electronic Music


This is a generative video produced to my song Biofluorescence. The song and video where recorded separately. Both are one live take. This song is from a release that will be coming out in the future. It is an exploratory track with sounds inspired by: Floating in space with limited oxygen. As floating we first contemplate but then we accept and then we see the true beauty of what is the abyss that is open space. We float into places that humanity has never been, seeing things that are precise sparks of life. We then realize how un special we are and wonder why we do not embrace all the details that make us unique from each other. As we end our journey we come across a new form being created. it is some kind of tiny biofluorescence organism that seams to be reproducing at a rapid rate and are all vibrant colors of the rainbow. We now think how lucky we are to have seen the creation and how lucky we have always been.

The video was created with a feedback loop with lots of help from Tachyons+ Psychenizer. I messed around for a good hour trying to get something going and right before i gave up and fell asleep these patterns started generating.

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Music for Aquariums: Gathering of the Cuttlefish

21 Minute Modular Improvisation with Psychedelic Video Art.


Music for Aquariums is a new a/v project I am working on that will go off the grid and feature sounds that you might here on your journey to the depths of the ocean and places beyond…

This song is what I imagine it looks like when all the cuttlefish hang out and do what they want. This song was created on my modular with a patch that was inspired by the camouflage and color changing of the cuttlefish. I then thought of how many cuttlefish meet up at one time in the ocean and then I instantly stated thinking what the all start doing with their colors and camouflage while there are all together and this is what I thought that would look like. Youtube can't even handle the amount of color and cool gradients that would happen.This video is kind of like looking at the clouds but your in an ocean looking at cuttlefish: dancing, moving, oscillating: all together in harmony symmetry mixed with random generated life. Think of the aquarium as place where you can be you and everyone likes that you are you because everyone there is not like you.

This song makes heavy use of my wish mosh of a modular that is 416HP. I created the main cv for the music with Intellijel Metropolis as the main heart of the sequence in conjunction with Verbos Electronics Sequence Selector and a bit of generative going on to ad just a minor variation. The main gates are being provided with a Euclidean Circles running into the Doepfer A-166 with is using the Intellijel Quadra + Expander to the Make Noise Optomix for the main sounds that are coming from a mix of Mutable instruments Plaits, Sputnik Modular Oscillator, Make Noise DPO that are all sort of feedback patched, the Quadra also had internal feedback patching and is also controlling tonality of the song though cv parameters. There was also a Make Noise Morphagene that was working of the main music source and also being sequenced with the help of the Verbos Electronics Sequence Selector signal selector and the Mutable instruments Blinds(with was helping with a lot of the CV in general). Befaco Hexmix + Hexpander are on mixing duty and has 3 separate AUX sends set up 1) 2x Alright Devices Chronoblob with a Xaoc Devices Kamieniec. 2) 2x Suiseki Phase Shifter with μClouds. Some modules i forgot to talk about that are used: Make Noise MMG, Doepfer A-120, Sputnik Modular Selector, Steady State Fate Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer, Make Noise Maths.


Porta 002

Abstract Electronic Music | Video Art


This video is a simple feedback loop that I made in a live take for my song Porta 002 from my album Porta. The Album Porta is a collection of songs I recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 4 Track Cassette Recorder in 2016. These where all written and recorded in a short amount of time. Focusing on a cinematic vibe and playing live takes with no editing or sequencing. All analog sounds and processing.