robotboot | rōˌbätbo͞ot |


Robotboot (born July 19th, 1979 as Collin James Diederich) is an audio visual artist based in Chicago, Illinois with a focus on electronic music. Robotboot was conceived by Collin in 1999 in his hometown of Brookfield Illinois when he acquired an Yamaha rm1x and started creating electronic music. The name Robotboot was originally Collins Napster user name, the first user name Collin ever had. Collin was perplexed when he had to come up with a user name and a friend told him that a user name is just the combination of a couple things that you like. Robot because Collin likes robots and also maybe feels like one, and Boot because Collin was fascinated with D.I.Y. punk and a defining image of a punk was apparently their boots and boot also mirrors a computer/program booting up. Fascinated by the world of electronics Robotboot descended head first into electronic music and never looked back even though he did not know where he was going. The visual aspect of Robotboot was inspired by being part of a public access channel as a teen and becoming obsessed with more electronics.