robotboot | rōˌbätbo͞ot |


Robotboot (born July 19th, 1979 as Collin James Diederich) is an audiovisual artist with a focus on electronic music based in Chicago, Illinois. The moniker Robotboot was coined by Collin in 1999, after acquiring a Yamaha RM1x that piqued his curiosity and interest in electronic music. Robotboot became Collin’s first username back in the ancient days of Napster after a simple combination of two of his favorite things. Robot, for his interest in robots (including a weird similitude to them) and boot, for his fascination with D.I.Y. Punk and the genre’s defining association with a punk’s boots. The visual aspect of Robotboot was inspired by Collin’s experiences working on a public-access program as a teen, as well as his infatuation with all electronics. Robotboot continues to immerse himself in the electronic music world, constantly creating music in hopes of connecting with his listeners on a visceral level.