Spool’s Out Radio #152: Late-Year Cul-De-Sac

I was very lucky to be included on Spool’s Out Radio’s 152nd podcast. A Cassette-based radio show on Resonance 104.4FM, presented by Tristan Bath in association with The Quietus out of London, United Kingdom. The podcast features other electronic musicians that are releasing there music on cassette. I know a lot of people say why release a cassette and there is a plethora of answers. Options for releasing music are Vinyl, CD, Digital, and Cassette. In this day and age computer don’t have CD players anymore and most people have previously tossed there cd players and ether never had or tossed their record players slash cassette decks. I mean we are getting to the point where some people haven't ever listed to music on a home speaker system. So when it come time to release music now no one wants a CD it just adds to the garage and people don’t want to have to rip the cd to listen to it on the computer or even have a cd drive to do that. Releasing digital is a no brainer and a bit lack lustered slash hard to get noticed with all the other noise in the digital domain. Algorithms don’t want to find new music they just want to make money for the compony who made the algorithm, much less do you really want all of your music taste to be defined by a computer and an algorithm that has alternative means. Computers cant truly pick random numbers or shuffle you music library randomly it cant just pick the music you're going to like. Vinyl is a great option, people probable have a record player and don’t have a CD player or a cassette player. Vinyl is the most expensive investment form an independent artist. You're looking at $1,500 investment for 250 records, plus the cost of making the music and mastering it. Cassettes on the other hand can be made DIY at any number or at lo runs of just 25 making it a go to option for a physical release. Problem is most people have tossed their cassette decks. But with music trends and cassette decks being the best $ option for an independent artist slash small music label to get there music out it is on the rise. Did I answer a question? Did I know what I was going to write before I did this? I don’t have those answers. Im not much of a word person so listen to the podcast because thats why you came here. Thanks have a great day.

From Spool's Out

“2018 won’t let up. The postman keeps piling cassettes through the letterbox. The binman keeps stamping piles of cardboard packaging into piles of recycled matter. The ideas keep flowing, and the buzz of the hive mind still makes little sense. Aptly, this week’s selection of tapes blends freak out noise and weirdo pop with conceptual art and bacchanal beats. Happy Movember tapeheadz.

(Broadcast as always on Resonance 104.4fm last night)

Competition – cul de sac (Slip)

Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine – VII 07_21_16, 4_38 pm, Steuben, WI (real-time [insects, birds, bobbins, feedback]) (Carrier Records)

Energy ☆ – ~ (Galtta Tapes)

Langham Research Centre – Gateshead Multi-storey Car Park (Econore)

Metoronori メトロノリ – Good Morning, Night (Orange Milk Records)

In The Abyssity Of The Grounds – Improvisation 2 (Feathered Coyote Records)

Purelle – Gotta Have It! (Galtta Tapes)

Qarafa – Tape I, SIDE B

Patrick Shiroishi – Grasshopper Tactics (Fort Evil Fruit)

FACS – Acteurs Inversion, Side One

The Casual Sexists – Strange Motives

sofheso – 0104 (First Terrace Records)

Robotboot – Bio (Aerozine 50)”

Continuous cassettes and lenticular prints

Continuous cassettes and lenticular prints

This is Continuous, my sixth full length album. The A-side is a loose exploration of ambient minimalist sounds and themes

"Structures From Silence" by Steve Roach


"Structures From Silence" by Steve Roach is an electronic ambient record original released in 1984. My favorite song is the title track Structures From Silence, it is a 29 minute of ambient magic. Apparently there is a VHS release of title track Structures from Silence with visuals by Marianne Dolan. I would love to see this as I cannot track it down and am very interested on what it is. Anyway this is something you should check out if you like that electronic ambient music.

Modular Synthesizer music and artists discovery Spotify playlist

Modular Synthesizer music and artists discovery is a playlist on Spotify with a great selection of electronic musicians that make music with modular synthesizers curated by Franck Martin. It is ambient and spacious in nature. If you have a chance please check it out. It is 99.999 percent instrumental so it is great at work or for chilling out or thinking about stuff.

“Discover artists that perform on modular synthesizers, be it Eurorack, Buchla, Moog or other systems. One track per artist, if you like share and check the artist.”