Get Strange Records 003 - Glory Beauty Supply by SiP

This is a music video I created by for SiP for his song Glory Beauty Supply released on Get Strange Records based out of Chicago. The video was created with one live take consisting of video i shot in Washington State, video synthesis, video feedback, running audio into the single, and animating this all live by wiggling: nobs, sliders, and T bars.


SiP is the working name for musician/producer Jimmy Lacy out of Chicago, USA. SiP's sequencing and music-making highlight the imperfection and earth-bound quality of pieces of hardware and synthesis designed to give otherwise perfect patterns and tones. Anachronistically the electronics create a space more from a folk music background, with folk as music with tradition and with meaning for a community of people. SiP's music looks to create moments of communal space and contemplation as well as participate and contribute to the rich musical community of Chicago.

Glory Beauty Supply by SiP is Get Strange Records third release. Part of the Get Strange Records visual music collection. Please experience the visual music video first for best experience.

Featuring: Gabriel Perez Diaz - Guitar, Carlos Chavarria - Saxophone

SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 001.jpg
SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 002.jpg
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I make audio visual art and electronic music.