Benjamin Mauch

Copy of Get Strange Records 002 - Augural by Benjamin Mauch

This is a music video I created by for Benjamin Mauch for his song Augural releases on Get Strange Records based out of Chicago. The video was created with one live take consisting of video synthesis, video feedback, running audio into the single, and animating this all live by wiggling: nobs, sliders, and T bars.


“I wanted this piece to be a dramatic rendering of taking flight as a bird and examining my surroundings in whatever cognitive capacity a bird is able to. I have always been fascinated by birds and their unique ability to escape the earth for a time and live among the clouds. An augur was a type of Roman prophet who would be able to examine birds and their flight patterns in order to interpret the will of the gods. I imagined myself as a bird and becoming part of this augural process, not knowing what would be foretold by the prophet, but feeling some innate sense of pleasure knowing that I was a part of something more important than just myself. The track builds slightly in the beginning but rests in the mood that is created, much like a bird would when riding thermals across the sky.” Benjamin Mauch

Benjamin Mauch is a musician and teacher from Richmond, VA. He uses modular synthesizer and tape loops to create slow moving and emotive soundscapes.

Augural by Benjamin Mauch is Get Strange Records second release. Part of the Get Strange Records visual music collection. Please experience the visual music video first for best experience.

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