Get Strange Records 004 - Slow Lane by kires

This is a music video I created by for kires for his song Slow Lane released on Get Strange Records. This video relies greatly on generative video and feedback process to create a pallet of psychedelic goo with 6 live takes re melded into each other time after time and rescanned of of a CRTV for textures and colors that could not be captured otherwise.


The London-based producer known as Kires employs ethereal live recording methods with modular synthesizers to create minimal techno with a relaxed and organic feel all their own.

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golden chorale “ocean 3”

This is a Visual Music Video that I created for golden chorale. It is all about the ocean and it combines video that I shot on the coast in Washington and generative video feedback that takes on its own shape of ocean wave. Below is some words from golden chorale about the music.

"midnight, is the debut album from golden chorale. It will be available on cassette and digitally through bandcamp on Friday, August 23, 2019 and you can preorder here: It is a reflection on the anxious side of love, relationships and family. midnight was created with electric guitar, bass, synthesizers, tape machines and the computer, and was written, recorded and compiled at home in Raleigh, NC at the end of 2018. A bonus, 30-minute mix of tracks and ideas from my archive of recordings that were made around the same time is included on the b-side of the tape and as a download with purchase of the record." - golden chorale

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Video grabs bellow

golden chorale %22ocean 3%22 01.jpg
golden chorale %22ocean 3%22 02.jpg
golden chorale %22ocean 3%22 03.jpg
golden chorale %22ocean 3%22 04.jpg
golden chorale %22ocean 3%22 05.jpg
golden chorale %22ocean 3%22 06.jpg

Get Strange Records 003 - Glory Beauty Supply by SiP

This is a music video I created by for SiP for his song Glory Beauty Supply released on Get Strange Records based out of Chicago. The video was created with one live take consisting of video i shot in Washington State, video synthesis, video feedback, running audio into the single, and animating this all live by wiggling: nobs, sliders, and T bars.


SiP is the working name for musician/producer Jimmy Lacy out of Chicago, USA. SiP's sequencing and music-making highlight the imperfection and earth-bound quality of pieces of hardware and synthesis designed to give otherwise perfect patterns and tones. Anachronistically the electronics create a space more from a folk music background, with folk as music with tradition and with meaning for a community of people. SiP's music looks to create moments of communal space and contemplation as well as participate and contribute to the rich musical community of Chicago.

Glory Beauty Supply by SiP is Get Strange Records third release. Part of the Get Strange Records visual music collection. Please experience the visual music video first for best experience.

Featuring: Gabriel Perez Diaz - Guitar, Carlos Chavarria - Saxophone

SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 001.jpg
SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 002.jpg
SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 003.jpg
SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 004.jpg
SiP - Glory Beauty Supply 006.jpg

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Copy of Get Strange Records 002 - Augural by Benjamin Mauch

This is a music video I created by for Benjamin Mauch for his song Augural releases on Get Strange Records based out of Chicago. The video was created with one live take consisting of video synthesis, video feedback, running audio into the single, and animating this all live by wiggling: nobs, sliders, and T bars.


“I wanted this piece to be a dramatic rendering of taking flight as a bird and examining my surroundings in whatever cognitive capacity a bird is able to. I have always been fascinated by birds and their unique ability to escape the earth for a time and live among the clouds. An augur was a type of Roman prophet who would be able to examine birds and their flight patterns in order to interpret the will of the gods. I imagined myself as a bird and becoming part of this augural process, not knowing what would be foretold by the prophet, but feeling some innate sense of pleasure knowing that I was a part of something more important than just myself. The track builds slightly in the beginning but rests in the mood that is created, much like a bird would when riding thermals across the sky.” Benjamin Mauch

Benjamin Mauch is a musician and teacher from Richmond, VA. He uses modular synthesizer and tape loops to create slow moving and emotive soundscapes.

Augural by Benjamin Mauch is Get Strange Records second release. Part of the Get Strange Records visual music collection. Please experience the visual music video first for best experience.

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Get Strange Records 001 - dust and shadows by prettyhowtown

Get Strange Records is a Bandcamp label that I started that is focused on electronic music. My goal is to give artists a place to experiment, collaborate, get exposure, and be supported by other like minded artists. I am starting with singles with visual video to accompany the song. A sort of visual music label. The first release is dust and shadows by prettyhowtown. We are excited for you to experience this with us.

dust and shadows by prettyhowtown is Get Strange Records first release. We love this song and think of colors and movement while listening to it. We home you will love it as much as we do.

prettyhowtown is electronic music, performed live on a modular synthesizer and presented without edits or overdubs.


Rory Khan Mohon “Monochromatic”

This is a music video I created by for Rory Khan Mohon for his song Monochromatic. The visuals for this video where created by using a single photo that April Staso took of Rory. I took the photo and made some new compositions out of it and fed it to my video feedback system. I was happy to listen to this song over and over while each time it sounded a bit better. I think this came out delightfully weird.


Pose by naomi smalls

I produced some visual effects for “Pose” the new music video by Naomi Smalls. I was blown away on how this video looked before before I had a chance to work on it. The video was directed by Todd Diederich who also is the creator of Smalls World(Naomi’s YouTub series) that is also great and a great glimpse into the life of Naomi. The song is head bobbin vibe that you can blast in your cover while cutting threw the fog at night.

PAQ "AIRMALTA" music video by Robotboot


PAQ(based out of Rimini, Italy) asked me to make a music video featuring found footage based on the idea of taking a trip to his song Airmalta. We chatted and came up with the idea based on found footage from the 70’s of commercial airline promotional footage and footage generated to look like a sunset over the ocean. The music is very chill and meditative wile keeping a good head nodding vibe to keep you entertained.

Screen Grabs

Liquid Light Lab x Robotboot - Live Liquid Light Show

Liquid Light Lab

Liquid Light Lab created a liquid light show live via a livestream to some of my more abstract minimal tracks.

Liquid light shows

Liquid light shows (or psychedelic light shows) are a form of light art that surfaced in the early 1960s as accompaniment to electronic music and avant-garde theatre performances. They were later adapted for performances of rock or psychedelic music.


I could not be more happy as a musician having my music selected to carry on the tradition of liquid light shows in its new place of old technologies bonded with new technologies. It is very fascinating and mirrors the music so well. It is very meditative and relaxing and not in your face crazy…gives you that time to lit your brain turn of and do its own thing. Liquid Light Lab has an expressive set up that you can see in the recorded livestream.

The weekend was lit. Tomorrow is Monday. Wind down and chillax before doing it all again. Live experimental video performance, streamed right to you. Featuring the music of Robotboot.

Screen Grabs

The New York City Breakers.

A special time in the world where breakdancing was televised, people where not starring at there phones, no one had earbuds, VCRs where the only way to rewatch something, records where the norm, and everything was about being awesome.  Do your stretches, touch your toes, turn your speakers up as load as that go, and press play on this video.